Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Gas Prices

Time for another rant and rave.

Anther thing we need to fix in America is to lower gas prices. I know that we are at war, but all that is going on is hard working men and woman are dieing for no reason. Just because Bush want us to be at war. Did you know we are at war with a country who hates us and that we get our old from. I was doing research and found out that there is enough oil in Alaska to run America for 100 years. In 100 year we will not need oil. So why aren’t we using it? Soon every car will run off of corn or even electricity. So why are we paying too much for gas. There is a way to show the gas company that we will not buy from them. I am not talking about a gas boycott for a day. My friend told me this and I like it. We should boycott a different gas station every week IE:
Week 1- Mobile Gas
Week 2-Citco
Week 3- Shell Gas
Week 4 –Small gas stations (2001, 7-11, Veltro, other like that)
Did you know that we pay 10 to 30 cents for a gallon of gas then on the West side of town. We pay for because we are the east side. As soon a people hear that I live on the east side they look at me different. When people hear the east side, they think of gang bangers, and rapes and killing. They don’t think of the hard working parents trying to make to put make the best life as possible for there kids.


Bethany said...

Gas prices are no fun. But apparently, from the research that I"ve done, the gas stations don't have that much wiggle room on prices. They aren't the ones controlling the prices. And boycotting one individual company won't bring down the prices. Only overall gas usage will. Buying from one company over the other won't help. It's overall usage that counts, and no one is using less gas.

I know that they must have newer technology that can be used to make cars go. Like water. If they can put a man on the moon, they can figure out how to make cars run on water. But they have choosen not to. I wish they would.

As for the war, I do think that it's necessary. Maybe I would go about it differently, but we need to be concerned about Evil. And that's what the terrorists are. Letting Evil run rampant around the world is not a morally sound thing to do.

I would send in our forces to WIPE OUT the Evil. Stop playing around. Tell those countries who support the Evil, we're giving you 1 month, or week, or day, I don't care, to turn over your Evil terrorist. If you don't, we're bring it! You'll all be wiped out. That's how you deal with Evil. You squash it. You don't negotiate with it. You don't try and change it.

The terrorists hate us, and are waiting for us to leave. They don't think we have the guts to do anything about them. They laugh at us and all our liberal media. They're just buying their time. Then they'll strike us, and strike hard. It will be worse than 9-11. I hope that our Forces can wipe them out before that happens.

Megan said...

hell gas prices suck everywhere hun but this was tried previously and it didnt work. Iwish that it would have. Hopefully it will soon.