Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time to update

Time to update:

Well fellow bloggers, It’s time to read about me. Yes I still update on my own time. See what little I have LOL. I am working a lot and love what I do. All you all know that this year I didn’t go back to the school that I worked at last year. This year I am working as a Nanny for a real nice family. They are very loving and caring parents. Just what I like to see. They kids are so well behaved. Well that’s all about my job.

You will never think who is talking to me. That’s right Megan. My ex who just broke up with me over a miss understanding. She started emailing me jokes. Then send me a Instant Message wanting to talk. We don’t talk much. Thank god (joking). Let’s see what think of to post. Well I emailed some of my old high school teachers. They read this I think so they are not old. That should take care of any emails that I will get from them. LOL. It’s great to keep up to date on what’s up with them and I keep them update on what is up with me. I don’t tell them about the band robbers and stuff. LOL I have to get everyone going. I don’t do that. Stop thinking I am this mean person. I am only mean to my ex’s.

My van broke down the alternator went out. It’s going to about $150.00. The family I work for is pissed that I may be late for work. But I don’t blame them. They hired me to be there on time and now I may be late. I just hope that I don’t get fired. A big complaint is that when my dad’s car broke down. I gave him my van to use with no problem. He used my van for like 6 months. I even let him as I had to fix it when I messed up the Van. All I ask for in retune that I use his van one day to go to work. But that is not going to happen. So I am waiting until he new van brakes down and I will not fix it.

Well I am at work right now so I need to get back my job.
Talk to you all soon.


Bethany said...

Hey Matt

Hope things are going well out there in JOliet. We're finally out of scout camp, and on to a rental. Much better!

Take care, friend!

bethany :)

CresceNet said...

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Bethany said...

Hey Matt

Merry christmas! Hope things are going well. Just checking in here with you to see how things are going. Scouts, and school, and such.

We're doing great out here in Ohio. Christmas was a lot of fun. We got to go to North Carolina and visit with Brents family.

Well, take care, and tell those we know HI!

Bethany :)