Monday, July 30, 2007

Time to post

What is new for me? I have gotten a email telling me to update my blog. So here gose. I got my ham radio call sign its KC9LYB. So I spend most of my time on the air. I spoke to a guy from MI. That was fun. If you have a radio scanner you can listen to me on 146.760 Mhz. I am now working on making a blog for my ham radio days. Also the new blog will about people who is thinking about become a lic ham to be able to contact me so I can teach them all about the fun hobbie.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the past few days.

Time to update my blog. Well this is a summary of the past few days. On Friday John went back in the hospital. This time the doctors don’t know when he will be discharged. They are doing all kinds of test. I am worried about him. After that we had to Stopped and a Hot dog stand. They had great food. WOW!!! On Saturday I had training all day. It was Emergency Vehicle driving. Yes before you ask I did drive an emergency vehicle. They had me take my driving test in a squad car. That was fun. I first got in and was like a kid in a toy store. I played with the lights and sirens. Well we celebrated my birthday early. We went to the Golden Corral. I am glade we went there. The food was great. I had to baby site for my friends the D’Antonio, they are a family friend and they go to my church. They have two kids who have autism. So they call me anytime they need a sitter. This time, I had to come over and watch there daughter over night and then get her off to school the next morning. I am glade that I am hope. I did not sleep at all night. So I am tired.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


This is on my blog. please read it.(If this doesn't get to you, nothing will)Her hair was up in a pony tail,her favorite dress tied with a bow.Today was Daddy's Day at school,and she couldn't wait to go.But her mommy tried to tell her,that she probably should stay home.Why the kids might not understand,if she went to school alone.But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today.But still her mother worried,for her to face this day alone.And that was why once again,she tried to keep her daughter home.But the little girl went to schooleager to tell them all.About a dad she never sees;a dad who never calls.There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet.Children squirming impatiently,anxious in their seatsOne by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed.At last the teacher called her name,every child turned to stare.Each of them was searching,for a man who wasn't there."Where's her daddy at?"she heard a boy call out."She probably doesn't have one,"another student dared to shout.And from somewhere near the back,she heard a daddy say,"Looks like another deadbeat dad,too busy to waste his day."The words did not offend her,as she smiled up at her Mom.And looked back at her teacher,who told her to go on.And with hands behind her back,slowly she began to speak.And out from the mouth of a child,came words incredibly unique."My Daddy couldn't be here,because he lives so far away.But I know he wishes he could be,since this is such a special day.And though you cannot meet him,I wanted you to know.All about my daddy,and how much he loves me so.He loved to tell me storieshe taught me to ride my bike.He surprised me with pink roses,and taught me to fly a kite.We used to share fudge sundaes,and ice cream in a cone.And though you cannot see him.I'm not standing here alone."Cause my daddy's always with me,even though we are apartI know because he told me,he'll forever be in my heart"With that, her little hand reached up,and lay across her chest.Feeling her own heartbeat,beneath her favorite dress.And from somewhere here in the crowd of dads, her mother stood in tears.Proudly watching her daughter,who was wise beyond her years.For she stood up for the loveof a man not in her life.Doing what was best for her,doing what was right.And when she dropped her hand back down, staring straight into the crowd.She finished with a voice so soft,but its message clear and loud."I love my daddy very much,he's my shining star.And if he could, he'd be here,but heaven's just too farYou see he was a firefighterand died just this past yearWhen airplanes hit the towersand taught Americans to fear.But sometimes when I close my eyes,it's like he never went away."And then she closed her eyes,and she saw him there that day.And to her mothers amazement,she witnessed with surpriseA room full of daddies and children,all starting to close their eyes.Who knows what they saw before them,who knows what they felt inside.Perhaps for merely a second,they saw him at her side."I know you're with me Daddy,"to the silence she called out.And what happened next made believers,of those once filled with doubt.Not one in that room could explain it,for each of their eyes had been closed.But there on the desk beside her,was a fragrant long-stemmed pink rose.And a child was blessed, if only for a moment,by the love of her shining star.And given the gift of believing,that heaven is never too far.They say it takes a minute to find a specialperson, an hour to appreciate them,a day to love them, but then an entirelife to forget them.Written By Very Cool People!

Friday, July 6, 2007

My day long and hard

My day was not like most. Today was really hard. We had to sign John back in to the hospital. John woke me up at about noon. As soon as I got up we left to take john there. John is a hospital in Streamwood. I hope there he can get the help he need. So got up there and meat with the doctors and the other hospital staff. We got him in a room about 445 so we finally about to so. As you can tell I was board. It’s not like I don’t love him but john is always going to the hospital. So I was board. On the way home we stopped at a fast food joint, I w2as glad it was not Mc. Donald or anything like that. It was a hot dog place. But they had soup, this is what I eat. It was great. After we got home I went to a car show. It was being held at my church. It was great to be able to go and see some great cars. What else in better then seeing the cars and picking on my friends. Well the started to pick on me first. So its was payback. I was also able to tell Father Ron I nominated him for an award. He is a hero to me. He went to fight in the war. About a year ago now, someone broke in to church and stole a basket full of money, He chased the Teen down and then we did not call the police, he found out the kid was on drugs. He worked hard to get the kid the help he needed. So I am so glad that he did. I look up to him. After all, No one would hire me because I am a guy and they always think the guys working with little kids are going to hurt them, but not Father Ron he gave me my job so long ago and still I can ask him for help.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of july

My Fourth of July this was in my opinion really sucked. Many family cooked out and are going to see the fireworks Well not us. Well we grilled out but eat inside. Well they did, I did not eat, John is being is shit head self. We did not do much. We are not going to see the fireworks because john is magically afraid of them. He never was in the past. So we all had to stay home. I went out side and tried to light fireworks off and it did not work. The lighter is broken or something it would not light. And being out side alone light of fireworks is no fun. I call my friend Steven and he did not want to come over. He is like my real only friend. So my holiday was bad.

Gas Prices

Time for another rant and rave.

Anther thing we need to fix in America is to lower gas prices. I know that we are at war, but all that is going on is hard working men and woman are dieing for no reason. Just because Bush want us to be at war. Did you know we are at war with a country who hates us and that we get our old from. I was doing research and found out that there is enough oil in Alaska to run America for 100 years. In 100 year we will not need oil. So why aren’t we using it? Soon every car will run off of corn or even electricity. So why are we paying too much for gas. There is a way to show the gas company that we will not buy from them. I am not talking about a gas boycott for a day. My friend told me this and I like it. We should boycott a different gas station every week IE:
Week 1- Mobile Gas
Week 2-Citco
Week 3- Shell Gas
Week 4 –Small gas stations (2001, 7-11, Veltro, other like that)
Did you know that we pay 10 to 30 cents for a gallon of gas then on the West side of town. We pay for because we are the east side. As soon a people hear that I live on the east side they look at me different. When people hear the east side, they think of gang bangers, and rapes and killing. They don’t think of the hard working parents trying to make to put make the best life as possible for there kids.

Health care in America

Time for another rant and rave.

What bothers me about America? Over half of America citations can’t afford to get sick. Last night when everyone else is sleeping I am trying to find an empty inhaler just to try to get on last puff. They stopped making the inhaler that the doctor put me on. The FDA banned it, apparently it hurts the Ozone. What scars me is that it took them this long to find that out, after me and how many others have been taking it to live. Well the new inhaler doesn’t work. But it not like I can go to the doctor and get something new. He would let me in I don’t have health insurance. He charges about 265 an office visit. I can’t go to the hospital they will charge me 5000 dollars for one treatment. I am working hard to get on Medicaid. But my doctor don’t accept that either. He is still waiting to get from Medicaid paid for other patents. So that great to know, that Medicaid is from the government, who don’t pay. But even throw I have asthma and I need to take treatments to live, they don’t think they will accept me for Medicaid. So this is what I hate about America, a county of the free who don’t care about it citations. Who can’t afford to get sick? It may only be me but I feel we need to stop worrying about who has the nicest stuff and we need to start caring about America as a whole.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


My day was it good or bad. You tell me. I got up late my alarm clock did not go off. When it I set it to. So that pissed me off. I wanted to get more studding done. But was not able to. By the time I got up john was home from summer school. So I can’t study when john is home he dose what ever is possible to make sure I can study. So fine I call and fine out that New Lenox is doing a fireworks show tomorrow at 6pm but the festivities starts at 5. It going to be at the city hall. So I am going, any one else? So after that I was going to call the state of Illinois that I have a question about my driver’s lic. So I called at 1pm and was out on hold. I was on hold for 3 hours then got a message telling me that the phone customer care is closed, they close at 3pm. I was pissed that they can’t pick up the phone. I want to work for the sate of Illinois I want to get paid big to sit on my ass and do nothing. I know that after you work for Wal-Mart you get a job with the sate of Illinois or I55 auto salvage, LOL. But on a brighter note, My Birthday is about 6 days away. I will be old, 23. But I got a b-day card from my baby, who is in the NY. That made me feel good to know what when no one else remember that she dose. I am never letting her go. I just wish I could drive to NY to see her. Oh I also got a b-day card from the Ace Hardware is New Lenox. I don’t know how they got they found out my b-day but it made me happy to see that they care. Well to go and check on eBay to see if I am winning the action. I am buying a new ham radio. My friends probably want to blow up my ham radios. I am always talking about them, or I am always using one. If I could I would get a job selling them.