Sunday, February 3, 2008


Time to update my blog. Well I can see that no one ever reads my blog. No one has emailed me to see if I was still alive. Well almost no one. My friend Bethany emailed me to see how I was doing. Well I an doing ok, I had two jobs for a while, but I found out today that I was getting fried, because they don’t need me anymore. What a pain in the butt. I really liked that job. Well I am still with the county EMA unit. Now that job is the best one I ever had. I still have my van, is barley running. I am working on buying a jeep. But I am modifying it to work with my new passion in line, I in really getting into Emergency Radio Communications. So I will post some pics when I get a working camera. Well talk take everyone.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time to update

Time to update:

Well fellow bloggers, It’s time to read about me. Yes I still update on my own time. See what little I have LOL. I am working a lot and love what I do. All you all know that this year I didn’t go back to the school that I worked at last year. This year I am working as a Nanny for a real nice family. They are very loving and caring parents. Just what I like to see. They kids are so well behaved. Well that’s all about my job.

You will never think who is talking to me. That’s right Megan. My ex who just broke up with me over a miss understanding. She started emailing me jokes. Then send me a Instant Message wanting to talk. We don’t talk much. Thank god (joking). Let’s see what think of to post. Well I emailed some of my old high school teachers. They read this I think so they are not old. That should take care of any emails that I will get from them. LOL. It’s great to keep up to date on what’s up with them and I keep them update on what is up with me. I don’t tell them about the band robbers and stuff. LOL I have to get everyone going. I don’t do that. Stop thinking I am this mean person. I am only mean to my ex’s.

My van broke down the alternator went out. It’s going to about $150.00. The family I work for is pissed that I may be late for work. But I don’t blame them. They hired me to be there on time and now I may be late. I just hope that I don’t get fired. A big complaint is that when my dad’s car broke down. I gave him my van to use with no problem. He used my van for like 6 months. I even let him as I had to fix it when I messed up the Van. All I ask for in retune that I use his van one day to go to work. But that is not going to happen. So I am waiting until he new van brakes down and I will not fix it.

Well I am at work right now so I need to get back my job.
Talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hey fellow bloggers,

Time to update with the best news every. As you all now that I love working with kids and I am going to College to become a teacher. Well Last week I went to an interview to get a child care job with a really nice family from Lockport. Well today when I was sowing, Yes sowing, I got phone call to telling me I have the job. I started to jump up and down like a little kids, I was so happy to get that new. To know that I will be able to learn more about with kids, from them and being able to help teach they kids new things, like well how to make home work fun and others like that.

More updates, You was thinking that I was done, Heck no you need to read the rest. LOL I working getting the training for the pack. I am kinda taking over the job of cub master because every Pack needs someone who is trained and everything like that. So I have allot of training dates coming up.

I was camping last weekend and loved it. I used my friend Dustin's RV and we just had a great time. Steven when with me. We took Lilo who just loved it. She is a great camping dog. She hates when we leave her at the site. So what could I do, my puppy was crying because we left the site so I when back and got her. As you all know she is still a puppy, but she is the best dog. Her old owner abused her, So I would love to kick his butt. But Lilo has just flourished here. We back to my storey when we was walking by the lake she jumped in. And started to swimming. As a owner I am so proud of her that she knows how to swim.
Come back soon for more updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good Bye Megan

Well all good things must come to an end. Megan and I called it quiets. It’s all started over a misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding was that a girl called for me with some questions about the football team I couch. I told me friend Stephen that “I will talk to you later” Well She thinks that I was talking about her. That day she hung up on me. That is not true. She was the most important thing in my life.

What upsets me the most is that I found out she was been cheating on me. I think I know with whom but can’t be sure. About a month ago she calls me all upset. She told me that she was kissed by someone. She thought I would be worried and become jealous. I wasn’t at the time and I still am not. But now I am thinking that it went farther then that.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Time to post

What is new for me? I have gotten a email telling me to update my blog. So here gose. I got my ham radio call sign its KC9LYB. So I spend most of my time on the air. I spoke to a guy from MI. That was fun. If you have a radio scanner you can listen to me on 146.760 Mhz. I am now working on making a blog for my ham radio days. Also the new blog will about people who is thinking about become a lic ham to be able to contact me so I can teach them all about the fun hobbie.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the past few days.

Time to update my blog. Well this is a summary of the past few days. On Friday John went back in the hospital. This time the doctors don’t know when he will be discharged. They are doing all kinds of test. I am worried about him. After that we had to Stopped and a Hot dog stand. They had great food. WOW!!! On Saturday I had training all day. It was Emergency Vehicle driving. Yes before you ask I did drive an emergency vehicle. They had me take my driving test in a squad car. That was fun. I first got in and was like a kid in a toy store. I played with the lights and sirens. Well we celebrated my birthday early. We went to the Golden Corral. I am glade we went there. The food was great. I had to baby site for my friends the D’Antonio, they are a family friend and they go to my church. They have two kids who have autism. So they call me anytime they need a sitter. This time, I had to come over and watch there daughter over night and then get her off to school the next morning. I am glade that I am hope. I did not sleep at all night. So I am tired.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


This is on my blog. please read it.(If this doesn't get to you, nothing will)Her hair was up in a pony tail,her favorite dress tied with a bow.Today was Daddy's Day at school,and she couldn't wait to go.But her mommy tried to tell her,that she probably should stay home.Why the kids might not understand,if she went to school alone.But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today.But still her mother worried,for her to face this day alone.And that was why once again,she tried to keep her daughter home.But the little girl went to schooleager to tell them all.About a dad she never sees;a dad who never calls.There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet.Children squirming impatiently,anxious in their seatsOne by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed.At last the teacher called her name,every child turned to stare.Each of them was searching,for a man who wasn't there."Where's her daddy at?"she heard a boy call out."She probably doesn't have one,"another student dared to shout.And from somewhere near the back,she heard a daddy say,"Looks like another deadbeat dad,too busy to waste his day."The words did not offend her,as she smiled up at her Mom.And looked back at her teacher,who told her to go on.And with hands behind her back,slowly she began to speak.And out from the mouth of a child,came words incredibly unique."My Daddy couldn't be here,because he lives so far away.But I know he wishes he could be,since this is such a special day.And though you cannot meet him,I wanted you to know.All about my daddy,and how much he loves me so.He loved to tell me storieshe taught me to ride my bike.He surprised me with pink roses,and taught me to fly a kite.We used to share fudge sundaes,and ice cream in a cone.And though you cannot see him.I'm not standing here alone."Cause my daddy's always with me,even though we are apartI know because he told me,he'll forever be in my heart"With that, her little hand reached up,and lay across her chest.Feeling her own heartbeat,beneath her favorite dress.And from somewhere here in the crowd of dads, her mother stood in tears.Proudly watching her daughter,who was wise beyond her years.For she stood up for the loveof a man not in her life.Doing what was best for her,doing what was right.And when she dropped her hand back down, staring straight into the crowd.She finished with a voice so soft,but its message clear and loud."I love my daddy very much,he's my shining star.And if he could, he'd be here,but heaven's just too farYou see he was a firefighterand died just this past yearWhen airplanes hit the towersand taught Americans to fear.But sometimes when I close my eyes,it's like he never went away."And then she closed her eyes,and she saw him there that day.And to her mothers amazement,she witnessed with surpriseA room full of daddies and children,all starting to close their eyes.Who knows what they saw before them,who knows what they felt inside.Perhaps for merely a second,they saw him at her side."I know you're with me Daddy,"to the silence she called out.And what happened next made believers,of those once filled with doubt.Not one in that room could explain it,for each of their eyes had been closed.But there on the desk beside her,was a fragrant long-stemmed pink rose.And a child was blessed, if only for a moment,by the love of her shining star.And given the gift of believing,that heaven is never too far.They say it takes a minute to find a specialperson, an hour to appreciate them,a day to love them, but then an entirelife to forget them.Written By Very Cool People!