Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the past few days.

Time to update my blog. Well this is a summary of the past few days. On Friday John went back in the hospital. This time the doctors don’t know when he will be discharged. They are doing all kinds of test. I am worried about him. After that we had to Stopped and a Hot dog stand. They had great food. WOW!!! On Saturday I had training all day. It was Emergency Vehicle driving. Yes before you ask I did drive an emergency vehicle. They had me take my driving test in a squad car. That was fun. I first got in and was like a kid in a toy store. I played with the lights and sirens. Well we celebrated my birthday early. We went to the Golden Corral. I am glade we went there. The food was great. I had to baby site for my friends the D’Antonio, they are a family friend and they go to my church. They have two kids who have autism. So they call me anytime they need a sitter. This time, I had to come over and watch there daughter over night and then get her off to school the next morning. I am glade that I am hope. I did not sleep at all night. So I am tired.


Megan said...

I hate it when computers dont work right...:(
Will try to update my blog know.

Megan said...

Miss and love ya lots honey, hope your feeling better. I miss you oh so much but got to go to work know so talk to you later. Will try to call u after work tonight, and am going home wednesday.

Love ya

Love ~Megan~

Megan said...

I got myself a new laptop so know I updated my blog so I am a step ahead of you. When u gonna update yours?