Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of july

My Fourth of July this was in my opinion really sucked. Many family cooked out and are going to see the fireworks Well not us. Well we grilled out but eat inside. Well they did, I did not eat, John is being is shit head self. We did not do much. We are not going to see the fireworks because john is magically afraid of them. He never was in the past. So we all had to stay home. I went out side and tried to light fireworks off and it did not work. The lighter is broken or something it would not light. And being out side alone light of fireworks is no fun. I call my friend Steven and he did not want to come over. He is like my real only friend. So my holiday was bad.


Bethany said...

We just stayed home too. We were invited to go to Bolingbrook, but didn't want to fight with the crowds. Too many people for us :) We sat on the back hill to watch the fireworks, but they were way off in the distance. Apparently, they did them at the Memorial Stadium on Jefferson, not at Bicentennial park last night. Oh well. We missed them too.

We did watch Brent fire off his Civil War guns though. Night firing is pretty cool. It almost looks like Flames are coming out of the barrel. I'll post some pics on my site later today.

And cheer up, Matthew! Things are gonna get better. They always do! I know that you are a man of faith, so pray, and Heavenly Father will comfort you! I believe that :) He has always comforted me in my times of need, and he will you too!

Megan said...

sorry to hear that honey...dont feel bad mine also sucked ass. The fireworks were too far away but it was extremely foggy what a drag...good came out of the day when b4 fireworks I went to a cookout but yet it rained almost the whole time. Gl hun