Tuesday, July 3, 2007


My day was it good or bad. You tell me. I got up late my alarm clock did not go off. When it I set it to. So that pissed me off. I wanted to get more studding done. But was not able to. By the time I got up john was home from summer school. So I can’t study when john is home he dose what ever is possible to make sure I can study. So fine I call and fine out that New Lenox is doing a fireworks show tomorrow at 6pm but the festivities starts at 5. It going to be at the city hall. So I am going, any one else? So after that I was going to call the state of Illinois that I have a question about my driver’s lic. So I called at 1pm and was out on hold. I was on hold for 3 hours then got a message telling me that the phone customer care is closed, they close at 3pm. I was pissed that they can’t pick up the phone. I want to work for the sate of Illinois I want to get paid big to sit on my ass and do nothing. I know that after you work for Wal-Mart you get a job with the sate of Illinois or I55 auto salvage, LOL. But on a brighter note, My Birthday is about 6 days away. I will be old, 23. But I got a b-day card from my baby, who is in the NY. That made me feel good to know what when no one else remember that she dose. I am never letting her go. I just wish I could drive to NY to see her. Oh I also got a b-day card from the Ace Hardware is New Lenox. I don’t know how they got they found out my b-day but it made me happy to see that they care. Well to go and check on eBay to see if I am winning the action. I am buying a new ham radio. My friends probably want to blow up my ham radios. I am always talking about them, or I am always using one. If I could I would get a job selling them.

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Bethany said...

Well Happy early Birthday, Matthew! 23, eh? Lets see.....where was I when I was 23....

I was already married, and had already had Jacob. Oh yes. We lived in Springfield Oregon, and I'd just had a miscarriage a few days before. That's how I spent my 23rd birthday. It was lots of fun. :(

Brent turned 23 in April, and we got married in June. So he was getting ready to marry me! I'd say that his 23rd was better :)

Hope that yours is more like his!!!!!