Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Health care in America

Time for another rant and rave.

What bothers me about America? Over half of America citations can’t afford to get sick. Last night when everyone else is sleeping I am trying to find an empty inhaler just to try to get on last puff. They stopped making the inhaler that the doctor put me on. The FDA banned it, apparently it hurts the Ozone. What scars me is that it took them this long to find that out, after me and how many others have been taking it to live. Well the new inhaler doesn’t work. But it not like I can go to the doctor and get something new. He would let me in I don’t have health insurance. He charges about 265 an office visit. I can’t go to the hospital they will charge me 5000 dollars for one treatment. I am working hard to get on Medicaid. But my doctor don’t accept that either. He is still waiting to get from Medicaid paid for other patents. So that great to know, that Medicaid is from the government, who don’t pay. But even throw I have asthma and I need to take treatments to live, they don’t think they will accept me for Medicaid. So this is what I hate about America, a county of the free who don’t care about it citations. Who can’t afford to get sick? It may only be me but I feel we need to stop worrying about who has the nicest stuff and we need to start caring about America as a whole.

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Bethany said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the health care thing. I don't have any either, so I know what it's like. Walking around on pins and needles, hoping you don't get sick. Scary.