Friday, July 6, 2007

My day long and hard

My day was not like most. Today was really hard. We had to sign John back in to the hospital. John woke me up at about noon. As soon as I got up we left to take john there. John is a hospital in Streamwood. I hope there he can get the help he need. So got up there and meat with the doctors and the other hospital staff. We got him in a room about 445 so we finally about to so. As you can tell I was board. It’s not like I don’t love him but john is always going to the hospital. So I was board. On the way home we stopped at a fast food joint, I w2as glad it was not Mc. Donald or anything like that. It was a hot dog place. But they had soup, this is what I eat. It was great. After we got home I went to a car show. It was being held at my church. It was great to be able to go and see some great cars. What else in better then seeing the cars and picking on my friends. Well the started to pick on me first. So its was payback. I was also able to tell Father Ron I nominated him for an award. He is a hero to me. He went to fight in the war. About a year ago now, someone broke in to church and stole a basket full of money, He chased the Teen down and then we did not call the police, he found out the kid was on drugs. He worked hard to get the kid the help he needed. So I am so glad that he did. I look up to him. After all, No one would hire me because I am a guy and they always think the guys working with little kids are going to hurt them, but not Father Ron he gave me my job so long ago and still I can ask him for help.

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