Friday, June 29, 2007


I am so glade to be a bad influence. Well I will tell you about my day and then you tell me if I am a bad influence. I got up at my normal time of about 730 am. So I went to VBS. That was fun like always. During that time I ran into one of my old high school teachers. Her grand daughter was going to VBS. Today was the last day of VBS I will miss picking on the kids. LOL yap I love picking on kids. This is why I become a teacher. Or that is what I tell the kids. When I was finished with that I many just worked on my Ham radio antennas. Yap I finally put on the house. It’s a home made one called a J-pole. It’s made out of copper pipes. There is a picture what a J-pole looks like. Mine is older but looks just like those. So after that it was about oh 730 and I went and sat out side to think. When I hard someone on Peal St. Lighting off fireworks. So I did what anyone else would do and got out mine and lit them off. So I looked over and watched my neighbor Dustin and he grabbed him lighter and when in to his back yard and about 2 mints later he light off a Professional one. See he is a professional firework person. I forget what they call him. His girlfriend Come and asked why he light one off. And he told her “Well matt and the other over there was light them off, so I had too.” So I am a bad influence and I am proud.


Bethany said...

hehehe. that's a typical man trait :)

Matthew said...

What the fireworks hay they are fun. I am like a little kids when i am playing with nosie makers and fireworks. Well i still am i kid. a crazy one. LOL

Bethany said...

we used to live in alaska when i was a kid. the government up there has tons of money, and a lot of it goes to the natives. Anyway, some of these "indians" get so much money, it seems that they don't know what to do with it. They'd order tons of stuff from the states, and if it wasn't perfect when it came in, they'd toss it in the dump.

So, we'd go to the dump and fight the bears off for it. I can still remember sitting in the truck cab while my dad rummaged for stuff. and one time, a bear even came up in the bed of the truck. But I'm getting off point.

one time, the city got a bunch of fireworks, but they got a bit wet, so they threw them out. WEll, my dad and his friends went and "reclaimed" them. Then they shot them off at the beach. Yeah, my mom wasn't too pleased with that one.

men and their fireworks!

Matthew said...

Well my friend told me if i want some to just let him know. So i may just do that.

Megan said...

Its not illegal until you get caught!!!!