Friday, June 15, 2007

A day for accidents

Well today I woke up with a big list to do. At 8Am I had to get my mothers van to A-Plus Auto to get the drivers side outer Tie Rod. That was done by like 9. So then I went the rummage sale at my church. And I picked on my friends. That was fun. So then I had to get my mothers van and also my own. I needed to get a new tire for the passenger back side. My mothers van needed a new windshield and 2 new found tires. So we went there and they n\got my van done first. So I came home and I called Steven and we talked for a few our then I went out to my van so go and pick up my mom so she can get her van. Well is not how it worked. I walked out and say my new tier flat so I called I55 auto salvage. They told me to back the van back. So jacked up the van and then I took of the tier then I went to put spar on and just then the Van fell of the jack. I was pissed and scared that I messed up by van. So I called A-Plus and they send a tow truck over to help me get my van up so I can put there spar on. So after all that I went and picked up my mom and Steven the we went to there. They put the tier on this time. For free. So then we drove to Stevens and picked up the bikes and tools for tomorrow. The came home and when to the Gyro Shack for dinner. Then my mom called and her van had a plate so we had to run up there and fix that. I think that Wal-Mart trains all the employees of I 55 auto Salvage. And I have known all the employees for years. I did not know they worked for Wal-Mart too. After all that I got the RV ready for the cub scouts tomorrow. The awning needs to be replaced. I never used it and could not get it to work. I was going to use it tomorrow.


Bethany said...

Your comment about those guys working at Wal-mart made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the laugh!

Matthew said...

i knew you would like that.

Megan said...

Wow...I guess people are idiots and dont use their brains like they should. Oh my sounds like a streak of bad luck.