Thursday, June 7, 2007

Time to Update

Well it’s the time again to update my blog. So Today was like other day. I looked at the radar and I sew, we have some bad storms on the way. So I quickly put away everything away and put down the RV. By that time John came home from school. So John and I watched 2 movies. We watched RV and CARS. That was fun. After that my father came home. So my father and I moved the RV. Before it was taking up to parking spots in the drive away. And if you ever was my driveway to will see how small it really it. That took about an hour. The RV would not turn the right way. It kept Turing everywhere but where it was suppose to go. But I was able to get it where I wanted it to go. I don’t know how I did that, but I am so happy it’s where I wanted it. So now I am going to take the RV and pull it down to the parking lot and the end of the street. And I am going to practices backing up with the RV. Also the new owner’s manual I order from Jayco came today. I am working on getting a folder together of RV information to keep a record of everything I do with the RV. So that I have it and if I ever sell it the new owners will have a record of everything. I feel that you should keep a record of everything you own. I am also making labels for every cabinet and drawer so that everyone will know what is in each one. The old owner did that, which was the only good thing they did. They took out the hot water heater and holding tank and pump. So I am going to replace it but that is an extra 15 hundred that I don’t have. Well time to go to a garage sale to look for more camping gear. If anyone out there find some camping gear at a garage sale pick it up for me and I will pay you back.

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