Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cub scouts day

My day today was better. I slept in till about 10am. I just did not want to get out of bed.
After my shower, I tried to find the phonebook to call to get my moms van fixed. But was not able to. So I did not make the phone calls for her. She always tells me not to call 411 so I did not and she yelled that I did not call 411. I called and set up my job interview for Friday. I also called and spoke to 3 colleges to get information. I am thinking about go back. Also I called to get health insurance. I don’t have any. Then my friends Stephen came over to tell me he went he went boating with my friends Dustin. So I am pissed that I missed it. I guess when I was in a shower he come to get me. Well when I am in the shower, I can’t hear the phone or door. So after him telling me what I missed we went to Home plate for launch. You got to love there food. After that it was time for Cub scouts. As I didn’t tend to be, I was late. But I am allowed to be late. Most of the time I try to get to places early. There my good friend Bethany gave me some cake to make my day better. Wow the cake was it great. That did make everything better. See knows just what to do to make everyone happy. And just being her friend makes me happy. Her and her family is the type of friends that are hard to come by. They are always there for you. So sense she always reads my blog. THANK YOU BETHANY FOR THE CAKE. I had to do that. I love to embarrass, and pike on friends. That is my way to tell them that they are friends. After the cub scouts meeting, I came home to work on my RV. Because on Saturday the cub scouts want to use my RV as a Base for first aide, cooking and just cooling center for the bike Rodeo. So I want to make my RV as clean as possible. When I finished that for the night I got online and messaged my friend. He is going camping and wanted me to go but I told him how I will be next weekend instead of this weekend. The Cub Scout bike Rodeo is more important. Plus it’s fathers’ day on Sunday. So I need to make it the best day ever.


Bethany said...

Glad you liked it :)

And glad that your day was better :)

Stephen said...

Exactly where was I when you left for scouts, you didn't mention that I went with you.

What I'm not good enough to mention that, huh. lol j/k

I'm glad you liked your day, it's always great spending time with your best friend/practically brother. ME!!!!!!! Haha

Matthew said...

Stephen who, i dont know a stephen LOL that all know you went with me.