Friday, June 29, 2007


Today I was driving around and I drove past something that pissed me off. I drove by a house with 3 kids swimming in a blow up pool in the front yard. All three kids was butt naked. There were 2 boy approximate 2 years old and a girl who had to be at lest 4 years old. Now I am all for kids swimming. I love to see kids having fun. But I don’t care how poor you are, your kids need to have swim suits on. Now I under stand they could be in the washer. But it’s not hard to have them swim in there underwear. Having kids outside swimming with no cloths on is just wrong. I was so tempted to call the police. I am against child abuse. And too see that, made me unset. I didn’t even see an adult around. What happened in someone walked by and tried to kidnap one or all of the kids. Who know what could have happened. And it still bothers me. So next time I see that I am going to call the police and report it as child abuse. A note to everyone, make sure your kids not swimming nude. Please put something on them.


Bethany said...

oops. please don't call the cops on me. i have the hardest time keeping clothes on joe. we'll turn around, and he'll be naked. buck naked. outside or not. crazy kid.

do kids in diapers only count? Jim has been in diaper only for about 2 days now. every time i put clothes on him, he spills something on them, or poops on them. i can't wait till i'm out of this messy stage of child rearing.

Matthew said...

I under stand a kids walking around the house naked but a kids outside naked i think is wrong. I know how it is to have your hands full. My aunt has 7 kids. She is alway doing loundy. But see i was pissed that a mother would not care if her kids are outside naked and they was playing it not like they just walked outside. But you never have to worrie abuut me calling to police. I know how hard it is to have so many kids. and how you dont go crazy, man you are a saint. LOL You kids dont go with out cloths and with joe he is still a baby so that dont count in my openion babys are nude alot. But what gets me is older kids. The 4 year cild nude is wrong. I can understand the 2 year olds. Dipers are cloths. So just dipers are ok. But i hve been called crazy alot, a little girl called me crazy today. LOL

Bethany said...

Tag - see my website for more info :)

Megan said...

thats sick not to mention just flat out wrong, and demented...hell I would report it too...thats sick, talking about thinks like that to me that is neglect.Personal opinion.Weird