Monday, June 4, 2007

Working on the RV

Well yesterday my friend Stephen and I worked on the RV more. First we went to Menard’s to get things to clean the RV. That took about 2hours. That is why you should not send me to there. I like to look at everything. I could go there to get a copper pipe and I will stop and look at the wood. Then when we came back we started to talk about what we wanted to get done today, and did we. We got a lot done. We scrubbed every bit of the outside of the RV with an SOS pad. That did the trick because it looks great. Stephen even cleaned the control vent for the refrigerator. Ever thing inside there looks almost new. It looked like there was 22 years of dirt and just dust. I fixed about 2 lights and a cabinet door. Steven fixed the main door of the RV. Today is going to be time for the inside of the RV.
I am going to clean the inside of it. I want to see how clean it can get.


Bethany said...

Fixing up stuff is always fun!

Megan said...

Stephen fixed the door, so does it still leak?

Matthew said...

megan it never did leak. He fixed it so that the door will stay closed.