Monday, June 25, 2007

First day of VBS

Well today was the first day of Vacation Bible School. This is fun every year. How fun is it to sing dance make crafts and have a great lesson from the bible. VBS as it is call, is for kids 3 to about 6th grade. There is hard to tell who the kids are and who the adults are. VBS is fun for kids. This year’s theme is Sky kids. This is great. We decorated our classrooms. It’s also fun because I see my former student helping. I am glade to see that they took what I worked so hard to teach them. They are using what they learn to teach other about GOD. This year a girl that I had about 5 years ago is help. Man as I think about this I am getting old. We talked about how fun my class was. Means all the headaches and stress is worth it. We also talked about some of my new ideas, which I want to use to pick on the kids. One of the kids I had this past year, was there she called me old. Man is she right. I am an old man. LOL Well I was picking on her, I was making faces at her first. And yes she made them back. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I am working hard to get pick on here.


Megan said...

lol. Thats my man. You love to pick but hell life wouldnt be the same if you didnt get your own treatment right back. Glad to hear that today was fun and interesting. I was going to post u a message to update ur blog but we both know that would be silly cuz you have already updated it. I also updated my blog today so I hope you enjoy the pretty pics that I took earlier this month.Cant wait to hear about your fun filled day besides reading it in your blog, and yah feels good to be the first to post in your


Megan said...

just picking on Bethany... lol :)

Bethany said...

hehehe. I was busy today :) i don't like to be this busy all the time. I'm kinda a home body, so being out and about too much isn't too fun :)

sounds like VBS was a lot of fun. I think I used to go to something like that as a little kid.

Matthew said...

Hey megan be nice to bethany, she is one of the nicest person i know. LOL, its my job to pick on her and her family. LOL Bethany VBS is the best. It teaches kids all about the good load.