Friday, June 8, 2007

My day

It’s time to update my blog again. So here goes my day for June 8, 2007 I got up like I do everyday. During my shower this morning we lost power. That was weird to take a shower in the dark. But I did not care. Hey all I need is soap and water to take a shower. After that fun I went to my church. They are having a Rummage sale. I love those. I was able to buy things and pick on my friends. When I got there I was a student from the school named Ryan so I went to him and asked what did you do know to caused the power outage. He told me it was his dad. But he father is a really great friend of mine so I was able to pick on him. I am glade that they are friends so that I can pick on them. And if you know me, If I pick on you then you are a friend, and if I don’t they you should know that you are not a friend. That is why I pick on everyone. Well back to my story. Yes I get side tracked all the time. At the Rummage sale I got lots of thing including a crock-pot for 25 cents, 13’ color TV with built in VCR for only $5 and a lot of other stuff for my RV. Oh I can forget I was told by Ryan that I am a bad influence at the rummage sale to pastime I started a suft animal fight. As you can tell I lost. After that I UPS sloped by so I was talking with delivery person. She told me how she when by the Com-ed office and they did not know why we lost power and they even lost power and was called others on the phone. To me that’s an oxie moron. After all that fun I had to pick up john from school. By that time we got power back. So I went to Gyeo Shack. Then I came home and just watched TV until I got board then I put up my RV. I need to do more work on it. The door broke and I am just working getting it where I want it. Well I need to go know. I am having an asthma attack.

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