Friday, June 29, 2007

an idea from a friend.

To started out late. That right my alarm clock did not go off. So I was late to go to VBS. And they picked on me. It’s about time they got me back for all the times I picked on them. After that I ran in to my friend Lucky who is teaching me to install phone lines, cable and other stuff too. He is even working on helping me start bossiness. It’s going to be called O’Brien’s Communications team. We will install and repair phones, cable, satellite, security systems, and intercoms and can’t forget two way radios. We are going to be selling parts at Darolds flea market and then most people would want me to install it. So that is will get me us money. It mitt even keep me out of trouble. So after that I had to get John from school. And I came home and just slept. When my father came home I installed another radio in my van. I put in a CB radio. Then I ordered Pizza for dinner.


Bethany said...

oooo, pizza!! sounds yummy.

good luck with the installation / repair thing. You can do it!

Matthew said...

thank you but i am still working on getting all the tools. LEt me know if you know anyone who needs work done.
Talk to you later bethany

Megan said...

you confuse me, lol, good luck. You can do anything that you want to do if you put ur mind to it!!!!