Tuesday, June 26, 2007

keep me away from the turtle's tank

Today to start like any other day. If only I would have known that it would turn bad I would have stayed in bed. I went to vacation bible school. That was fun, getting to pick on the kids. And being able to use the fax to get things done for the WCEMA. So after that I picked John up from the summer school. So like all the other days he was bad. But I was hungry and did not want to cook. So we went to Home plate. So for launch I had a salad.

So after all that it stared to storm and as always he freaked out and was throwing things around. So I got on his case about picking up the mess and he did not. He doesn’t listen to me. After that my dad came home from work. So I left t pick up my mom. She had to take john to a Doctors appointment. She took him and my father with her. I had to get ready for my training meeting with the WCEMA. It was radio training so I was in heave in there. IF you know what a big radio nut I am. So when I was going in to the bathroom to take a shower, one my way into the bathroom, I stepped over the cloths and stuff (was going to make him clean it after he got home.) I loose my balance and fell. On the way down I tried to grab the turtles tank to stop my fall and my hand when threw the glass. Cutting my knuckle on the right finger on my left hand. After trying for abut 10 mints to get the bleeding to stop. My father took me to the ER at Silver cross and was glade it did now. I had to get 5 stitches.

I really did not want to go. The last time I went to the ER for a finger cut. Witch was about 2 years ago. I cut the tip on a knife at work. I had to drive my self to the ER at Provena because Harrah’s would not cover silver cross. So I went over there, The Dr tried to num my finger and it did not work. So I yelled that it did not work. But he did not listen and still put the stitches in and I could feel everything. It hurt so bad that they hard me on the other side of the hospital. I am not joking. He refuses to stop. So I was worried about going this time. This time there was NO Pain. I was so glade. When I got home from the hospital it was time to get to the training class.


Bethany said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your hand. Going to the ER is never fun. But I"m glad that they fixed you up, and that you were able to still make your class :)

Megan said...

good luck, becareful of mishaps like that...they cost u.