Saturday, June 16, 2007

my day summed up,

What a day
Today I got up and did what everyone else dose in the morning. So I went out to the RV and found Steven lying down on couch. So I told him that we had to get ready and get over to the church. So we packed the Van and RV and then van. So we hitched up the RV and off we went with Lelo. Once there Steven practiced backing up the RV. Its hard to back up the RV. So then we went into the Rummage sale. They after we got board. We went back home to get 2 more bikes. Then we ran in to my parent and we talked and to get rid of me for the day. She gave Steven and I some money for launch. So off we went we stopped by the Methadice church they give free bread. So we went there and got a lot of different kinds. I was so happy then we went to the Gyro Shack. Then we went to the bike Rodeo. When we got the started to set up the RV. As we did that some very scary people came. Oh I mean the Harty’s. LOL I am just picking you all. They are great friends, and I am glade to have them as friends. So they came in the started to get up. After that other came too. After them the Police came. I did not do it. LOL no the officer came to teach bike safety. So as the bike rodeo when on Eme. and some of the kids was getting hot so I told them that they can SIT in the RV. I had fans going there. So I let the stay in there. I told them 2 times to stop. Then I went with Brent to the office to get a stop watch and a mega phone. Yes they let me play with it. During that time Steven say the kids in there hanging on the piles and almost broke it. So he kicked them out and I am glade he did. One the way back to the group I had the mega phone and turn on the siren to scare the kids. That was fun. So that I helped Brent with the races. And I am being bad I was playing with the siren to Brent took it away. That is why I should not have anything that makes nose. LOL So we did the races and just had a great time. We did the closing ceremony and stated to take down. After we got home, I called Ricks RVs. Every time I go over a bump the RV bottoms out. So they want to look at it and fix it. After we just chilled. Then Lelo took Steven for a walk. After that we went for a car ride. We drove threw pilther park and even stopped to walk down by the river to look at a fishing stop. After that my dad told me he wanted to buy a new lawn mower and so I took him by the one I seen. We got it and then took Steven home, and I just going to chill for the rest of the night.


Bethany said...

Glad you guys had fun!

Sorry about the kids and the RV. I think that it was Enriques little brother, but I"m not sure. Could have been Donte's little brother. I'll kick Joe's butt if it was him :)

Matthew said...

bethany dont worrie about it. Kids will be kids. Next time i will watch them better. But no harm was done and steven was right there to help thank god.

Megan said...

Glad to hear that Saturday went a little better for you. The kids in the RV lol, bet that was a sight to see or even listen too.